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Project: Swimming video lessons on the go

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Project description

The app provides access to swimming lessons for kids.

The lessons are in video format, packed in groups, and are downloaded on demand. Some videos are provided for free, the others are available for in-app purchase. The app encourages following a pre-designed lessons plan, established by domain experts, and highlights the completion of each phase of that plan, followed by positive feedback. It uses custom artwork for most controls, to differentiate itself from the default look provided by the platform, and to better align with the brand itself.

The app has been written in Objective-C, with few snippets of HTML used for displaying specially formatted text. One of the challenges encountered was experimenting and finding the appropriate parameters of video encoding that allow jumping and precise positioning at discrete positions in the timeline of the videos, corresponding to various stages of the lessons plan. Another challenge was the dramatic change in the functionality of the video player that Apple introduced with iOS 4, which required the rewrite of a significant portion of the code.

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