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Project: Push To My Phone - web app and mobile widget

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Project description

This is a web app / mobile widget combo that allows pushing information present on any web page to one's mobile phone.

Through a bookmarklet that can be installed in the chrome of any modern web browser, users can overlay an app-specific toolbar on top of most web pages. That toolbar gives them the ability to push the whole page or selected snippets of text from the page to their mobile phones.

Some information can be pushed to specific areas of functionality available on the phone. For example, phone numbers can be pushed to initiate calls. Other selected text can be pushed to form the body of a text message (SMS), or to be added as a new entry to the contacts or calendar apps available natively on the phone.

The innovative nature of the app has been recognized through a Judge's Choice award presented by Forum Nokia, being selected among top 10 in its category, among thousands of worldwide contestants participating in an innovation contest.

The server-side portion of the app was implemented in a J2EE environment, running on an Amazon cloud server, using JMS and MySQL for storage, and exposing its functionality through some proxy web services implemented in PHP. The client portion was implemented as a DHTML widget that runs in the WRT runtime available on selected Nokia mobile phones. So even if it runs on a mobile phone, with access to native functionality, it has been built using web technologies.

The app is still in beta, available only for demos on request.

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