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Project: Portal app that allows access to printed publications on iOS devices

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Project description

The app provides easy access to magazine content on iOS devices.

An intuitive UI allows browsing through content in different categories and supports downloading free content, or purchasing premium content. Once the content is available, the user can use standard gestures like swiping, pinching and double-tapping to page trough and zoom. Publishers have the ability to set up links on each page, that can point to another page (like in a table of contents), or to an external web page, or to a movie that can be played. Following those links is as simple as a touch gesture.

The app adjusts its layout automatically, based on the orientation of the device, allowing for beautiful spread displays. Memory problems, common when displaying large content, laden with heavy graphics, are dealt with robustly so that the app doesn't crash. We support publications ranging from few pages to thousands (think Yellow Pages), even when running on older devices with less memory.

Serious effort went into providing solutions and workarounds for issues present in the iOS platform, especially when rendering complex PDFs. There was also the need to deal with some breaking changes that were introduced in the iOS platform, starting with version 5. The app is written entirely in Objective-C and provides backwards compatibility with older versions of iOS, to maximize the number of devices it can run on.

To help spreading the word about the app, it allows sharing via most popular social networks and e-mail. The app collects statistics about the users' engagement with the content and makes them available through a companion web-based dashboard.

The app aggregates content from different publishers, but the same code base can be used to create branded apps, for a particular publisher, packing one or multiple titles. The customization is done through a simple configuration file that allows publishers to turn on and off various features. There are now more than 30 branded apps in the App Store that were built using this code template.

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