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Project: Web app that allows publishers to upload and manage content to be shown on iOS devices

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Project description

This is the web-side component of an app that allows publishing content in printed format to mobile devices.

The app allows publishers, the owners of the content, to upload their publications in the system. Access to the system is metered and granted only for publishers that have uploading licenses available in their account.

Once content is uploaded, its metadata (name, description, category, price) can be edited. The users (publishers) have also the ability to manage their account (change contact info, password, or buy licenses), or to delete existent content. To assist with picking the appropriate categories for their content they can also browse through the free content from other publishers, to see where theirs would best fit.

For each issue of a publication users can flip through pages and designate certain areas of the page as "links", pointing to either other pages, external web sites, or video clips. Links can be easily resized and moved on the page. The link editing functionality is implemented in straight DHTML, running in any modern browser.

The app manages all the data on the backend and exposes some web services for companion client apps running on mobile platforms like iOS. The mobile apps collect statistics about end users' level of engagement with the content. Those stats are made available to the publishers through the web app, in tabular and chart formats.

The app also features an administrative component, available only to select super-users, that provides management capabilities across all publishers' accounts, overall statistics, system load reports and access to other administrative capabilities.

The app was written in PHP and uses MySQL as the database, in a standard LAMP setup. It's hosted on a cloud-based infrastructure, from Rackspace, and it's scalable on demand.

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